Crafty Craft

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Kros Strain Brewing in LaVista, Nebraska for Crafty Craft!

Crafty Craft is a way for creatives to meet-up to enjoy some creativity along with some award winning craft beer (they have wine, cider and soda pop too!)

Some of the Crafty Craft events will be “meet-ups” where you bring your own projects, others will be organized craft projects with pre-registration required.

Meet your Hosts:  Kelli & Brianna – two crafty gals who love creating and craft beer!


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Upcoming Crafty Craft Dates – Due to Covid-19 impact, all in-person Crafty Craft events have been currently suspended.    We encourage you to continue crafting and enjoy Kros Strain craft beer until we can meet-up in person again!

We miss you!  So, we’ve decided to connect with a Craft Craft via ZOOM!  Details for the FIRST meet-up will be posted soon!  Make sure you are following Hibernate & Create on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know! 

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