The Team

Welcome to Hibernate & Create – Connecting and Inspiring Creatives! 
We are so glad you found us! 

Kelli Sweet – Founder
Favorite food: 
Salty Popcorn
Ultimate vacation spot: 
I am a girl from Nebraska that likes to explore the world and promote creativity!  I am an artist, a wife and a mom to an orange tabby cat named Milo (aka Squeaky_Milo on Instagram).  I work in corporate America by day and spend my free time creating jewelry, quilting & other sewing projects, painting and paper crafts. What started as a creative challenge in 2016 has now grown to classes, retreats and virtual events.  And we are adding more excitement every day!

Julie Geiger – Crafty Mixer & Retreats
Location: Nebraska
Ultimate Vacation Spot: Anywhere!

Julie Geiger Armed with a sewing machine or needle and thread, Julie Geiger creates all types of fabric wonderment including quilts, wool applique, embroidery and wool felt projects.
Captivated by all things fabric since she was a young girl, Julie is the owner of Prairie Point Junction Quilt Shop, Home of Wool Felt Central in Cozad, Nebraska. Julie will share her magic, some embroidery stitches and inspire you to transform needle and thread, into a special keepsake.

Brianna Mohr – Crafty Craft
Location: Nebraska
Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
Ultimate Vacation Spot: Anywhere with sun & the ocean!

Hi! I am Brianna! Wife to Mikey and dog mom to Rollie! I am Florida born but Omaha raised! My favorite food is mac n cheese and I love all things crafty (including craft beer)! My day job is super boring so I fill my free time with crafts and friends! Which is ultimately what lead to Crafty Craft! Kelli and I met through our craft beer enthusiast husbands at Kros Strain Brewing but bonded over our love of all things craft which is where the idea of crafty craft was born! My favorite form of crafting is anything I can do with my Cricut! I probably favor wood door hangers and wood signs the most though! I recently have started playing with watercolor painting and I am excited to learn more!

Lindsay Struble – aka Chef Lindsay
Location: Nebraska
Favorite Drink: Coffee

Lindsay is the “chef” extraordinaire behind the Hibernate & Create Retreats. A special education teacher by profession, we enjoy Lindsay’s delicious cooking as she “fusses” over the small details.

Lindsay loves to travel, explore and hop onboard when a friend needs a companion for an adventure. She loves to help others and make people smile! Her creativity and art is through cooking and the sharing of food. Her goal is to warm the hearts and tummies of the people she’s around!

Lindsay and her husband Tim live in LaVista, NE with their energized kitten, Lola, Lola loves to entertain them at all hours of the day!